A Big thank you to all that are participating in the testing phases of the software. We very much appreciate all the feedback!

Connecting Estimate Works Online and Estimate Works for Word V7

Note: Before setting up connection settings for Estimate Works Online and Estimate Works for Word you must have already activated your copy of Estimate Works for Word (Settings > Set Company Information). You will need to restart the program before proceeding after registration.


Getting Started Online

Complete the New Company Registration form.

Verify your email address by clicking the link in email sent to you.

Login to Estimate Works Online.

The first time you visit the dashboard page you will be redirected to the Getting Started page for setting up default rates and settings.

It is recommended to add the defaults now (once only, the first time when just getting started).

You can overwrite many of these settings from inside Estimate Works for Word desktop afterwards by using the publish data buttons under the company information settings form. If you already have rates setup on the desktop you can skip the adding of the rates and publish them from the desktop.


Getting Started on the Desktop

Download and install Estimate Works V7.

Register Estimate Works V7 and restart the program.

After registering Estimate Works for Word and restarting the software you will be prompted for a User Name and Password.

Select "Administrator" and the default password is "paint". Use this account to setup your users and online connection settings. Change the password for Administrator and make a note of it.

Paste the Server Info and your Company ID into the fields on the Online Sync tab of the company information form.

From the Settings menu click Set Employees. Create a user account for yourself that will match the one online and set as Administrator.

Adding Employees

Create the same users, emails and passwords and match what you have online.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I re-order lists online?
Most lists support drag and drop and some are set by changing the order number.

Naming Conventions

Online estimate, contract, workorder and detail .htm templates should keep the before mentioned keywords in the file names of any new templates created.

Known Issues

Online reports are not done yet have been left until last. The desktop version (Estimate Works for Word) has these reorts already and these are the users that will be testing first.

Most forms are 100% mobile freindly and responsive but a couple are not yet finished.

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